IMERA is an one-stop automated medical image analysis and decision support tool for medical conditions.


IMERA-MSK is a comprehensive automated reporting software for musculo-skeletal radiographs.It will be an invaluable tool in the emergency departments, urgent care centres and primary care centres to avail instantaneous AI enabled reports for making the right diagnosis at right time.

IMERA's use cases

Reduction in patient waiting times ‚Äč

Prioritisation of the worklists

Auditing and quality assurance tool

Radiology training and feedback tool

  • Large database

    IMERA owns a large database of accurately labelled radiology images.

  • Proprietary software

    IMERA carries out research and development resulting in its own proprietary software.

  • Validation

    IMERA collaborates with the NHS and healthcare providers globally for validation of the product.

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